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Tremolo is a great effect, but we must admit that in most cases, it is not a subtle effect… It has this mechanical and repetitive behavior, which leads us to use it in a very occasional manner, with pretty smooth intensity… Isn’t it a shame ?

It’s from this observation that I actually address the case of the tremolo… How to add life into this effect ? How to bring him nobility ? And what if tremolo could be played just like a delay ? And how could it be if we just consider that guitarists are not (all) robots ?

After 3 years of research, of tests, solder iron in hand,and a new patent pending, it is finally ready : here is « The Great Escape », an organic and natural tremolo, which brings back expressiveness in the center of the game !

The Great Escape is a unique 100% analog tremolo which is featured both with a true amp bias tremolo stage and an envelope detection circuit, that allows to finely modulate speed and depth parameters of the effect. Through your playing dynamics, you take control of its parameters and tremolo becomes living effect !

Fully featured with tons of controls, The Great Escape is simply the most versatile dynamic tremolo you’ve ever dreamed of !


  • Highly versatile dynamic tremolo
  • True amp bias tremolo featured with Cellular Clipping™ technology (patent pending)
  • 3 waveforms available : triangle, sinus and square
  • Speed up or slow down effect speed, with a simple pick’s hit
  • Reinforce or reduce effect’s intensity, with your playing dynamics
  • Finely set transition time with the dedicated “Release” knob
  • Optimized for all guitar pickups type (single coils and humbuckers), and to all playing styles thanks to “Threshold” control knob
  • True Bypass
  • 100% Made in France


Lower section gather all classic control knobs of a tremolo :

  • Shape Switch : 3 waveforms available : triangle, sinusoid, or square
  • LFO LED : Lower LED shows the speed of the tremolo
  • Speed : allows to set the speed of the tremolo, with a wide control range. From 1Hz to 20Hz
  • Depth : allows to set the depth of the effect. Set to zero, modulation disappears
  • Symmetry : In triangle and sinusoid mode, this knob allows to balance rising and falling times of the LFO. In square mode, it allows to control the LFO duty cycle.


  • Volume : this is an active output volume control knob, with a gain range of +/-12dB, that allows to compensate the small density loss that is generally provided by tremolos

The upper section gather all control knobs related to envelope detection circuit, which allows to modulate effect’s speed and depth, depending on your playing dynamics. In other words, use this section to enhance effect during pick’s attacks, or quite the opposite, make it just disappear. Slow down or speed up modulation speed during your riff releases. Principle is simple, when you hit strings, you trigger the envelope detector that will slow down or speed up LFO speed and will reduce or reinforce effect depth, depending on the « polarity » knob settings

  • Speed Polarity : this first control allows to choose how envelope will affect tremolo speed. Turn it left to slow it down after pick attacks, turn it right to speed it up. In the center position, tremolo speed is not impacted by the envelope and stay the same whatever the playing dynamics. A center detent helps to find easily this neutral position.
  • Depth Polarity : this second control allows to choose how envelope will affect tremolo depth. Turn it left to reduce or to make it disappear after attacks, turn it left to reinforce the effect or to make it appear. In the center position, tremolo depth is not impacted by the envelope and remain the same whatever the playing dynamics. A center detent helps to find easily this neutral position.


  • Threshold : this control allows to adjust envelope detection circuit according to your pickups and to your playing style. The Great Escape fits both to single coil pickups as well as humbuckers, if you hit strings hardly with picks or if you use finger-picking. This actually controls sensitivity of the envelope detector. For easy threshold setting, upper LED shows envelope detector circuit real time state.


  • Release : this knob allows to set transition time of envelope detector deactivation. For example, if tremolo accelerates while hitting the strings, this control will tune the deceleration time of the tremolo, when envelope detector is being disabled.



Dynamic Tremolo combining a tremolo section with an envelope detector circuit
True bias amp tremolo featured with Cellular Clipping™ technology (patent pending)
Effect speed and depth can be controlled through playing dynamics
True Bypass
100% analog design
Aluminum Diecast powder coated in glossy white
Scratch resistant screen printing
Leadfree circuit – RoHS compliant
Power supplyPower supply : standard 9V power adapter (center tip negative)
Power consumption : 65mA max
Dimensions : 120mm x 94mm x 34mm
Weight : 360g
Conceived and made in France
2 years product warranty