Our guarantees

Thrilltone cares a lot about providing you products that fulfill your expectations. Tuned to your needs, your satisfaction is our obsession. That’s the reason why for each order, Thrilltone offers you 3 guarantees.

Painless delivery costs guarantee

Thrilltone is committed to minimize delivery costs for every customer. That’s the reason why delivery to all European countries is free of charge. For international deliveries, fair freight cost are applied.

2 years product warranty

Our conceptions and processes are thought to be as reliable as possible. We have set up a lot of control steps in the process flow, in order to maximize product reliability : Automated Optical Inspection for solder pads, measurement and validation of each component after electronics assembly (Takaya), visual inspection, functional test and test in real conditions just before shipping. If despite our efforts, your product would have to cause you some troubles, our product warranty will cover this during 2 years.

15 days money-back guarantee

Order peacefully. Get your product, take your time to explore and it, and to make it yours. If you are not satisfied within 15 days, we will take it back without conditions.