Thrilltone Northern Lights

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Price: 299,00€


Northern Lights is the first Thrilltone delay inspired by the legendary magnetic echo chambers of the 60s – 70s.

It features 4 perfectly synchronized playback heads that can be mixed independently, a feedback control to adjust the number of repetitions, a tone control, and a complete modulation control set (Speed and Depth) to add more living into the sound. So Northern Lights is definitely tailored to get an infinite number of delay types … Super precise slapbacks, magnetic echoes, rhythmic delays, but also ultra organic and trippy reverb layers…

As with all Thrilltone pedals, Northern Lights is equipped with Cellular Clipping™ amps, giving it excellent dynamics and vintage warmth.

Time control

Delay time, which ranges from 50ms to 1000ms, is controllable with the TIME knobs, but also with the TAP tempo footswitch.

For pedalboards with centralized TAP tempo, an external TAP tempo input is also available on the rear panel of the pedal. This way, the Northern Lights can be easily synchronized with all other pedals on the board.

MASTER HEAD toggle switch allows you to choose which playback head will be synchronized to the rhythm of the TAP tempo.

Effect loop

Among the cool features of the Northern Lights, an effects loop (SEND and RETURN) has been added on the rear panel. The loop applies to repeats of the delay only.

By connecting other effect pedal to it, it adds color to repetitions, but most importantly, it opens a way for a multitude of psychedelic explorations. Imagine what soundscape you could discover by plugging it in an EQ, a wah, a phaser, a chorus, or any crazy effect !

In addition, by simply plugging in a volume pedal, the effects loop can also be used to control feedback level in live conditions… So you can really take advantage of the nice self-oscillations effect that the pedal can provide at high reinjection rate… You’re welcome… 😊

Finally, the SEND output of the loop may also be used as a “wet only” output.

Switching and configurations

Switching system of the Northern Lights is provided by soft switches, and combines both the silence of the “buffered bypass” and the transparency of the “relay bypass”, which guarantees that no switching noise is perceptible at the change of state of the pedal. Two switching modes are available.

  • The first mode offers buffered switching, which guarantees the smoothest and therefore quietest switching.In this mode, when the pedal is deactivated, it behaves exactly like a buffer.
  • The second mode offers a complementary true bypass relay switching, which then physically links the input of the pedal to its output when the pedal is disabled.

An internal DIP switch allows you to select the desired switching mode.

When the pedal is not powered, the input of the pedal is directly connected to its output (true bypass)

In addition, the pedal can be switched in Trail mode (the delay regeneration loop remains active after deactivation of the effect) or in direct mode (the delay is cut directly after deactivation). Of course, Trail mode is available in buffered bypass only. This parameter may also configured with the internal DIP switch.

Finally, in order to use Northern Lights in any type of effects loop, it is also possible, thanks to the DIP switch, to configure its output in “DRY + WET” mode or in “WET ONLY” mode …

By default Northern Lights is configured as follows:

  • Buffered bypass
  • Trail mode
  • Dry + Wet mode

To change the initial configuration, remove the cover to access the inside of the pedal, and adapt the configuration using the DIP switch.



Mutitap delay :
4 synchronized playback heads
Delay time : from 50ms to 1000ms
Featured with Cellular Clipping™ amps (patented technology) for a nice tube warmth feeling
Tap Tempo :
TAP tempo assignable to heads 2, 3 and 4
External TAP tempo input to allow easy sync with all other pedals of the board.
Modulation : Independant control of Speed and Depth
Effect loop :
Use the effects loop to add color to the delay or to perform psychedelic sonic explorations
Connect a volume pedal and control the feedback level live
Use the “send” output as a “wet only” output
Bypass :
Relay True Bypass, or Buffered Bypass mode mode may be configured through an internal switch
Soft switch for confortable and silent activation
Internal Config :
Buffered Bypass / Relay Bypass
Trail Mode / Direct Mode
DRY+WET Mode / WET only Mode
Enclosure :
Aluminum Diecast powder coated
Scratch resistant screen printing
Dimensions : 120mm x 94mm x 34mm (without knobs and switches)
Weight : 440g
Power supply : 9VDC power adapter (center-tip negative polarity)
Power consumption : 250mA max
Leadfree circuit – RoHS compliant
Made in France
2 years product warranty