Thrilltone Fuel to Fire


Price: 199,00€


Tired with distortions that turn your sound into a muddled magma as soon as you dare playing an open chord ? Bored with distortions that ruin your dynamics and shatter your effort to be both massive and expressive ? With Fuel to Fire, Thrilltone now offers a distortion specifically conceived to be accurate in every circumstance. Powerful attacks… Incredibly defined bass… Efficient treble without being aggressive… Sharp, biting, and striking drives… That’s the program.
Featured with patent pending Cellular Clipping™ technology, Fuel to Fire distinguish itself from conventional distortions, being able to preserve playing definition in every circumstance. Besides, this technology brings a formidable dynamics, allowing Fuel to Fire to be as efficient playing lead or rhythm ! Provided with complete tone control set (Bass and Treble), and a large gain progressiveness, Fuel to Fire can show itself either subtle or massive, covering a wide soundscape and styles : burning blues, blazing rock, till explosive stoner !


  • Distortion based on Cellular Clipping™ technology
  • Higher definition compared to any conventional distortion from the market, whatever playing style is used.
  • A complete set of tone control, for a great versatility
  • Efficient on single coil pickups as well as humbuckers
  • True bypass
  • 100% Made in France


  • Gain : setting of the distortion rate of the Cellular Clipping™ stage, allowing to get with a great progressiveness light crunches to the most massive and raging distortions.
  • Volume : transparent volume control knob, allowing to boost or lessen output signal (+/-12dB)
  • Bass and Treble : active tone controls allowing to attenuate or to enhance low and high bands. Combined with Volume control knob, they also allow to set the desired amount of Mids you want to get. A center detent helps to easily find the mid-point where tone controls have no effect.
  • Fire : sturdy footswitch allowing to engage an disengage Fuel to Fire (true bypass)


  • « Cellular Clipping™ » is a unique Thrilltone patent pending technology that allows to create expressive and accurate saturations, thanks to complex clipping networks integrated into the electronic circuit.
  • Implemented in a distortion, this technology brings a lot of sustain, without actually brutalizing the original signal. As a result it preserves playing dynamics, sounds shades and definition.
  • More about « Cellular Clipping™ »


High-gain distortion
« Cellular Clipping™ » patent pending technology
True bypass
100% analog design
High end definition even at high gain
Powder coated aluminum diecast for a maximized durability
Scratch resistant screen printing
Leadfree circuit – RoHS compliant
Power supply : 9V battery or power adapter (center-tip negative polarity)
Power consumption : 19mA max
Dimensions : 126mm x 67mm x 39mm
Weight : 250g
100% conceived and crafted in France
2 years product warranty